June 27th, 2012

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Why Bondassage?

In my world as a sex worker respect is very uncommon. Behind the scene, in the backroom of my life, there might be a tiny spot where a lady like myself might receive support from other sex workers.  Bondassage experts are very educated therefore clients receive a more refined experience.  Service that is out of this world, careful and deliberate, lifting you mind days after.  I decided to be a certified Bondassage practitioner for credibility and respect.  Mastery: you’re a master of your craft, you can expect Zoe Zane is a master of her craft.  Bondassage has created a level of service similar to Disney. Each practitioner is hand picked by CEO Jaeleen Bennis (one of the few CEO sex workers I know).  I was doing a mild form of Bondassage with clients before certification. Bondage and massage are two different ways to achieve pleasure.  Bondassage is more evolved engaging higher levels of tantic energy in the body, mind and spirit.  This higher energy (blissfulness) elevates clients.  The practitioner and client can experience bliss together in the same room.  Bondassage practitioners are unique energy healers.  The combination of erotic massage and bondage is "off the wall" erotic. Your Bondassage experience will be blissful teasings with feathers. fur, silk, fingertips, body parts, etc.  It can be incorporated with your kinky fantasy or role play.  For example, Bondassage with the school teacher, nurse or boss who takes you to her "way out galaxy" in a business suit.

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