July 1st, 2012

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Do you know a close someone who is in a slow kill?

I have listend to the complaints of my baby sister over and over how her husband and son are abusing her to her death.  She called the police and they told her he would be out in 24 hours.  She even has more money than him but lets him control everything.  I can't listen to her "life for death".  How she's slowly being killed by a man hater husband. This is what the Mormon Church produces, women with no back bone and men who hate them.  LOL.

I have a trusting fetish slave that wants me to do a scene with him from the movie "The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo".  LOL

Two of my neighbors have moved out of the building.  More building for me.  It will be interesting to see who moves in down below.  Right now my 3 male cats and I are happy.  Run run run boys, it's time to not worry about making ktty paw noise. Yipee!