July 2nd, 2012

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Finally Zoe Zane on Yahoo

after 10 years my link to my yahoo group is on Alexa.  Yahoo finally accepted my yahoo group link .  I've seen many MILF friends have yahoo linked in their traffic stats.  By the time I figured out how to get  www.zoezane.com linked with yahoo --- I had to pay a very expensive yearly yahoo fee.  WHEW!  Yahoo awarded me a present because of Facebook and Google +.  Better late THAN never.  I was so happy this morning seeing my yahoo group at the top on my Alexa links.  Funny what makes Zoe Zane happy.  Big smiles and I thank myself and yahoo for my patience.

I planned to have my Southern Charms photo update up today.  Since Wed is the 4Th of July there will be no photo updates on Southern Charms.  Hoping on Tuesday on Southern Charms.  If not, here is my favoirite zoe zane photo for the 4Tth of July 2012 coming soon on my SC site.  http://www.southern-charms2.com/zoezane/photos.htm

topless zoe zane photo

I was going into to add more porn galleries for AEBN.  I get inside my Dreamweaver and no zoezane.com

This means I have to re-enter into Dreamweaver the username and password from my computer to the server.  It's a pain in the ass, I hate doing this.  It's try this and try that.  I got in with the help of some stud geek teck from my hosting company.  I called back in and told the teck room how much I love them all!

Your Zoe Zane is a sexy geek MILF Movie Star on the Internet.  HA HA HA --- I am the bomb to myself.

Becoming a FIM $$$ has it's ups and downs..  Saturday, I had to submit ID photo and address for identity verfification.  When I went to Utah, I turned this tiny botton off on digital camera.  Called my hacker/stripper duaghter and we turnd the botton on.  Just a tiny button. oh brother.  I told myself to clam down and breathe.  I torn the studio up looking for camera instruction book.

I'm off to yoga class this afternoon.  I need to chill out my freakum brain cells.  om om om - chanting low and slow