July 24th, 2012

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Female Domination Story - Buttercup's Submission

Whenever Buttercup misbehaved:
In colonial days, with gossip and shrews bad men where publicly punished.  They were made fun of in public.

Diva and her lady friends tied Buttercup down to a little wooden chair.  It was attached to a long pole that was attached to pulleys so the ladies could lift the tied down scuff-law up and down, side to side.  On the seat of the chair were placed sharp tacks to pop the hot air from Buttercup's big bottom.  HA HA HA
He was on displayed right in front of a big group, a dozen or more, of lovely, laughing ladies.  Each lady took a turn dropping Buttercup into the refreshing, cold water to quiet his hot big bottom.  He needed a calm, cooling off just a little bit, so he would not get mad at the ladies.  Diva thought that was a good idea to keep him under the water a little bit longer.  Buttercup needs to think about all the little things that he needs to work on.  They raised him up, dripping and gasping for some air, them drop him back under the nice cool water, more cooling off.  After a few times of up and down, Buttercup cried he would behave to all the ladies. He was ready to be a good boy.  His cry baby tears showed he was going to be a little gentlemen for his Diva and her lady friends.
Next time, Buttercup, BEWARE, you might be held down by the ladies, tattooed, and owned like in the movie,
"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo".

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