July 26th, 2012

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My Aler Ego Today - woo Hooooo

The High Priestess - the Translator, whose superpower is her expertise and access to the trusted 'word on the street.' My reputation or method precedes me. My secret formula: I never let them see me sweat! Having mastered the blueprints, I now have the props to read between the lines and get my foot in the door. I sit in as instructor at the floodgates between mystery and answers. I define the house rules, and pass on the messae -- or keep it private -- by referring to the 'handbook,' a voice of experience. I reveal my pearls of wisdom with an enticing restraint that keeps them coming back for more.

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Howard Stern TV - Nursing Home Knockout Award 2009
I'm having a private conversation with someone - how did Zoe Zane get her hot ass in pantyhose on the Howard Stern Show in 2008?  Mark my words, I will be back on the show with my book "covered up murder".