September 3rd, 2012

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Sunday with movie writer

I told him the story around my name Zoe Zane, he's interested.  His encouraging words, keep writing since the story will be a winner at the box office.  I need the public records - get it right.  As I tap my keyboard, there was a fun girl like myself who was in the porn business.  Her name was Zoey Zane, her model name.  After telling her family she was doing porn, the boyfriend left her, a few days after she was brutally murdered.  Her lifeless body was dumped off 50 miles away on the side of a road wrapped in a bed spread.  Me, myself and the lady, Zoe Zane has taken on the the dead, Zoey Zane.  There is much to do.  I've been talking about this book F O R E V E R.  I've been talking about many books forever.  There are others on the back burner. 
Yesterday I made a stupid voodoo doll.  When you see what I did you will get the message.  Photo will be posted later today.

A sweet sub brought me 2 bamboo switches.  Shall I call it bamboo-ing .  We're close to my favorite holiday "Halloween"  HE HE and HA HA.  He cut fresh bamboo for his Diva and Buttercup will get the benefits this morning.  He does not know since he is out and about.  He will be please, surprised and ouch ouch ouchied by Diva.

New Bambooing - Haus of Twigs - Fresh Cut Caning Switches 

My new liter to light your fire - Smokerella
Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond

Happy Monday Everyone
Zoe Zane