September 5th, 2012

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Take a trip over to Yahoo this week

I still can't send messages out from my email Yahoo account.  What a hassele.  I did all the troubleshooting and emailed Yahoo Customer Care.  I get those auto responses, no help.  I will let you know what happens when I personally visit Yahoo.

When I typed these words in Google  "pink zoe zane group" there are 23,500,000 results.  WOW.  That's huge results connected to my pink zoe zane group on Yahoo.  Key words are very important in my world.

Peanut Jr. is sleeping on his new pink furry blanket.  Buddy likes to sit inside this cardboard box.  Chubs likes to sleep way done under the blankets with his tail hanging out.  It's peaceful at home tongiht.

I went to yoga at 4:30 AM PST.  My right pinky toe is slowly getting better.  I used the ballet bar in the back for support in a few poses.  Bikram yoga makes you bullet proof.  Miss Zoe standing up to the three foreigners was a big deal.  All 3 of them were coming on to me sexually.  I got their nuts.  I felt like they wanted to run me out and take my space.  When I confronted them with sexually harassment they backed down.  They all knew they were wrong.  I put those punks in their place.  I will not engage with them, not ever again.  These foreigners think their women are to be abused.  They tried to abuse me but it didn't work.  I have male friends in my yoga class supporting me.  Other yogis told me, these foreigners are time bombs.
I will not engage with the enemy.  When I come home, I will dress like a bag lady.