September 11th, 2012

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Direct call from Yahoo support - fix my hacked email

This is great, I didn't have to do a drive-by to Yahoo.  I live in the heart of Silicon Valley.  Yahoo is over off the 101 Freeway about 30 minutes away from me.  Last night at yoga class I was talking about my hacked email.  A system admin approached me from Google about my hacked email account.  WOW!  Thank you universe.  He gave me his email to trouble shoot my Yahoo email account. 
Yesterday, I called this #800 number off Google for Yahoo email support.  The #800 number is a fake Yahoo company.  I thought $69 dollars was too pricey and hung up.  And what about giving my credit card out to some 3rd world boiler room in India.  It was awful NOT being able to hear the teck on the phone.  There are a few FAKE YAHOO companies out there taking your money.  I got this call from Yahoo headquaters, the male caller told me that Yahoo fixs broken email accounts for FREE!  Tomorrow, I will find out what the problem is my Yahoo email account straight from free Yahoo support .
  woo hooo
Don't call any #800 number for Yahoo.  It's a fake Yahoo company.  All my friends were laughing about the t-shirt I'm making for my live cam show and Facebook.  I will  make my  t-shirt but use the word FAKE on it.  I will get this problem fixed for my hacked Yahoo email account.  The male callers voice was a sexy English accent.  Yum!

 F A K E