September 20th, 2012

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Crazies in my life


This is me!  It's perfect for how I feel.  Yesterday the file for my entire membership (thousands of photos and over 300 videos) was moved into another folder.  How this happened I don't know.  Got the file reloaded then NO brut force attack software installed.  Got that fixed.  Went to make sure the site was stable.  No site. My serve was up for maintenance/12 hours.  This morning checked the site.  Memberhsip was not up again.  Hired a new system admin helping me with the site.  All systems are stable.  whew! 
Last night I feel asleep to Cable TV.  Woke up to late night FX series "American Horror Story" and Jessica Lange.  OH WOW!  I watched.  My dark-side will be posted in the coming months mentored my Jessica Lange. woo hoooo