September 21st, 2012

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After yoga class went to bed early

Zoe Zane Asylum

All the shit going on over my web site wore me out.  Too much for one girl who is on her own.  I called Sexy Miss Lizz and cried.  She was way cool.  We both do our own sites.  We do not have men helping us.  Some Internet models have it too good.  They have husbands dealing with the web shit.  Those women are spoiled.  I was once spoiled when the bad boyfriend was around.  He's been gone over 4 years now.  Those women would agree they are spoiled IF left on their own to keep their sites going.  Some women would quit.  I spend a lot of time on the back end with lost files, hackers, trashed emails etc.  I need a another Zoe just to edit photo and video.  I hired a system administrator for important program codes.  I am not that good at code, although I am getting better as the days roll on.  You begin to see code in your sleep.  HA HA HA  ----- I'm screaming over the site and then think to myself.  Am I becoming one of those hackers the slow way?  Big grin again.  Zoe go outside take your shoes off. Sit buy a tree barefoot and give that tree a big hug.