September 24th, 2012

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Monday after Folsom Street Fair

My new MILF girfriend Crystal who lives in San Francisco gave me the CD - Maonna's MDNA.  Thinking about lipping the words in live cam show.  Saturday night after yoga my other girlfriend Miss N (naughty) drove up to Crystal's pre Folsom Street Fair party.  I did not go to bed until 3PM on Sunday morning.  Used Apple laptop to post on Tweeter.  Feel alseep till 2PM on Sunday.  Got dressed and made it to the fair, took photos, drove home.  My feet are not that sore, whew!  My pinky toe is still mending.  Sorry I missed "Dunce Boy" at the fair.  My 2 hot girlfriends made it so my baby toes gets better.  Going up the night is the best.  Sexy Miss Lizz and I did that before.  You get a good nights sleep and show off next day.  Lizz flashed her big tits @ bell boys.  I love Lizz.  Photos and video posted on the weekend from Folsom.  Now for Halloween.  I live in a state of creativity for my site.  Going through props for my favorite holiday "H A L L O W E E N".  My next door neighbors will get a blast of my VOO DOO Magic this year.  Do I care?  NO!  HA HA HA  -  This my America & no one is going to take that away from me.