September 27th, 2012

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At home update today

I made it to Thursday, no crashed computers as of today.  Some people are going to feel the neglect --- right now.  My entire sex/porn business is on the line.  Sorry Buttercup, HT, and Tongue Man.  Dunce boy will rescue me with my stripper daughter whose an assistant programmer for a huge hospital.  I might go 2TB on a laptop with extra keyboard and mouse.  HD is a given.  Her hospital tests different browsers with computers, what works best.  Hospitals must be on top of their technical game for health care.  Makes sense.

I need a vacation soon!

zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Website Zoe Zane Update is Posted Today

I uploaded Dreamweaver into the computer at the studio.  The cache was missing.  I'm so blessed .  All the code into the site was there.  I got my site update done on time.  I'm still looking for a new computer upgrade for faster, more hard drive and HD.  I DID IT!  All systems are stable.  I totally appreciate any one who is a webmaster.  You gotta have smarts and balls to be one.  I gues that menas that Sexy Miss Lizz have ballz.  She and I are ball-bitches!  HA HA HA --- Going to yoga class, then a special friends who loves me.

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