October 3rd, 2012

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Diva and the Orange Tree

Diva is outside in B's backyard looking at the citrus trees looking close for the right tree switch.  It's been sometime, she's wondering what Buttercup is doing with himself?  She walks into the back bedroom, he's on the bed with no pants diddling with his wee wee. Catch yeah!  HA!!!  Smiling she asks him what he's thinking?  The sun is down, she boldly hangs over him with her big smile asking him to turn over. Quick and swift Diva pinches his nuts from behind.  Get up, let's go outside.  She marches Buttercup out to the orange tree.  Hands him a sharp knife to cut a switch.  After he hands the fresh switch back, Diva inspects the sharp torns.  Back into the house she ordered B to dance and prance.  His back is to her.  She does something with the switch.  She tells B to go to his corner for whacking his wee wee.  Quickly she takes one torn from the switch and pokes him in the right spot.  HE JUMPS!  ouch ouch ouchie -  Diva is laughing.

Your next assignment, put a nail in the bathroom wall next to the window.  When you do this make sure it took like a piece of art.  Not a nail in the walk.  Do you get what I mean?