October 8th, 2012

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I was sick of working on my computers and ran off to a beauiful trail in the forest.  I found my anchor for peace. My favorite location for peace had a building built on it for storage.  Yesterday, I let my mind lead me to my new spot for peace.  tI's so silly how you know about a certain place but don't see it.  I saw it yesterday.  I aced my yoga class again.

I have a new friend that gave me permission to use the "N" word on him.  Some of you out there know what the "N" words is.  You like  me to call you that word!

I want to thank all the men and couples who blessed my life this year.  I have the most interesting life.  Thank you everyone from my grateful heart.

I love my new computer.  It's fast.  I'm muti-task, need the speed to get things done for my sites.
Soon, I will have a write up on eros-guide about eroticism.