October 12th, 2012

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Logitech HD Camera for Live Cam Shows

All my software for XP is outdated for Windows 7.  My daughter sent me a HD Logitech camera.  I installed it last night on the hard drive.  I'm very impressed at the quality.  Now to get it set up with www.iFriends.com.  I'm sure the teck will know how to help me if I don't get it right.  One step at a time with Windows 7.  I'll keep plugging along till I get it all done.  I need to get the update for www.zoezane.com posted for the weekend.

Yoga class last night was good.

Clock watchers hurt their own pleasure,  They are negative thinkers who come from lack.  If you are a clock watcher, stop it.  It kills your heaven.

Photo updates for Southern Charms are up this week. I sent them in from the  XP computer.  I still need to figure out how to get on SC server with Windows/security warning.  OFM.  Camera for iFriends, update for zoezane.com and configure SC server.  My notes to get things done for Windows 7.

It's better to be a cry baby on the outside than a big cry on the inside.  Pull up your boot straps and cowboy up.  You are the Man!  Fix what needs to get fixed so you don't go to the "inside"   Message to "J".  The admin will send you a bill.  Laughing?  I am very serious. 

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