October 13th, 2012

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My great friends at Bikram yoga

I'm making a huge voo doo doll for Halloween.  One of the guys in my yoga class told me to burn parts of it each day till Halloween.  Too funny.  The Park 4 Cars Neighbors will get my message, move out or die.  HA HA HA!!!
They might be terrorists?  LOL.  I'm not talking to them ever again.
The owner of the Bikram studio and I are best sisters since I stepped up to 5-6 days a week doing Bikram yoga.
I have other nice friends, high teckies who are most supportive, my Windows 7 learning curve. 
Yesterday, I uploaded a logitech HD camera for iFriends.  Damn, this $99 dollar tiny camera is the bomb.  On Facebook chatted with a old fetish freaks.  Facebook buddies, Seka, the legendary porn star, we are Internet friends.  Seka deserves huge awards for what she did for the adult movie industry.  I love Seka.  Over 1000 movies - WOW!  Samrt business woman.
Finally, I will trademark 20 or more years of my life in the adult industry. One of my marketing buddies in yoga assisted me with the trademark name.  I did the right research for the category with the trademark letters.  I had a trademark in 2007 but  contested.  That business never made it.  OFM.
Happy Saturday Everyone