October 15th, 2012

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Studio looks like a train wreck again

I added an old version of express thumbnail creator to update photos to my porn site.  I miss placed the old mouse and keyboard for XP computer.  Saturday I cleaned up the studio.  It looked great on Sunday, till I torn the studio apart for the second time.  Nosey pikers suck.  Well well well, I now have a nosey piker editor whose low-self esteem is showing ugly. When you speak truth parts of your blog are erased.  WTF.  You ain't worth my time and energy.  Hum, my words have power.  I'm wearing my hot pink tight pants and soft Cashmere sweater as I type.  I have many private friends that love my  sexy sweaters.  A fetish slave bought me a pair of pretty Cashmere gloves today.
After lunch I routed 2 computers together so I can get the right configurations.  I found the old keyboard and mouse.  I cleaned up the studio.  The posted picture gives you an idea of my trashed out room.  It looks like the exorcist was here.  HA HA HA  ---- HAVOC.....  LOL.  HA HA HA