October 16th, 2012

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Message to the bully who

gets off on making others feel less.  Not this girl.... bitch.  I see what you are doing. It's clear what I need to do for myself.  I am the only authority in my world. Clearly, you are self serving.  I will not let you use me anymore. The bully comes from lack.  When a mind is stressed the file for lack runs wid.  The mind file has not been corrected. The bully bitch has pissed me off.  You do not want to piss of the Queen.

It's great to get my life in a better direction with the new computer.  I'm not finished as of today.  I need a Vegas break.  I think I will fly off to Vegas tonight, see the strip. Go to a topless strip club with a fetish slave.  Here I go.  I love Vegas baby.