October 17th, 2012

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Fetish Mommie - Fetish Diva Diamond offers BOND-A-SAUSAGE

BOND-A SAUSAGE: new therapies. techniques, classroom tips from open source.  The Gods and Goddesses inspired me, filled me with this cyber message. Please bring your own sausage for final inspection.  Most likely, I will love it no matter what size it is.  You can tell me your fantasy or role play in person.  I will show you the magic.  I promise we will have laughing laughing laughing results.  Fetish Mommie has big smiles just for you baby cakes.  She might whisper a few dirty words in your ear that will send you into orbit.  woo Hooooo
Delicious teasings, satin blissisum massage and BOND YOUR SAUSAGE!!!!!  Ha Ha Ha

I like big sausages, hot dogs, etc.  Grinning.  Eat you up.  So yummy.  Zoe Zane
I am a hot dog loving machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!