October 18th, 2012

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More computer work

I longed for more vacation today.  Soooo..... I drove over to the mall and went window shopping.  I acted like I was going to buy but didn't indulge.  I did get a free sample of Lady GaGa's perfume "FAME".  I like her perfume better than MADONNAS.  It took 2 years to develop the GAGA'S fragrance.  MADONNA'S perfume is woody with gardenias.  The big 20 pounder cat "Buddy" is checking out my coconut lemon cake.  Peanut is eating the frosting.  Piggy cat boy.  Buddy has manners.  HA HA HA 

What I did on the computer today:  configured the settings for www.stardomtheatre.com on Dreamweaver.  It's up and running.  Found how to move a picture from the folder to the hard drive.  It seems more complicated on Windows 7.  On XP, I just hit "move this file" to the folder on the hard drive.  I'm telling myself this is easy and I can do it --- instead of what a hassle, I get it wrong and can't do it. 

Driving home from the mall was car to car - why so much traffic?  Went to the store and lady in the check out line told me football in on tonight.  I know what days it is today.  It's Thursday, tomorrow is Friday morning.  LOL.  Will paint the living room wall with primer, then blue for photo shoots.

I waited weeks to watch "American Horror Story" last night.  I feel asleep, missed it.  Good I can go back and watch the rerun of the first "ASYLUM" American Horror Story with Jessica Lange.  I'm hungry for brussel sprouts and will have a big bowl with apple cider vinegar.  yum yum yum