October 19th, 2012

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Must learn how to use the new windows video maker/Windows 7

This will take some time for me to get it.  I uploaded a live cam show of Elvira for this week's video update.  It's 60 mins long.  I'm getting fired in the brain again.

Then Dreamweaver was not letting me connect to the server until I Googled the error.  In Dreamweaver, I click on the button for passive FTP.  It worked, thank GOD for information out there on the Net.  Sites are connected to the server. I 'm up and running.  I'M DAMN GUD!   Hey Lizz, I need a stiff drink with you and John at the local bar.  I miss you Lizz.

Keep going, Zoe, you can do it.

Nausated I am not.  It gets the point accross, I am done with this computer today.  Off to yoga class