October 21st, 2012

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The female is like a Gardenia flower - Show her your Blessing!

Flowers (women) need time spent with gentle admiration to open.  If you know anything about Gardenias if you touch the petals to much they darken.  Treat your woman like a Gardenia. Men are ready for sex all the time. 

Here are some tips for couples from Psychology Today

Men need to understand if they want their women to be more sexual they need to warm up the bun.  Women crave romance.  Men just want to do it.  A few men that I know are gentle with light touch, that's a great beginning.  Men need to learn the art of seduction. It's how you listen to her words, how you look at her. It 's not about how hard and stiff you are.  It's not about how you want sex 24/7.  How a man treats the women is crucial.  If the man has spent years putting her down she will turn OFF.  Positive words of kindness and lifting her up - sugar is better than vinegar. Words have vibrations that push into the body.  Words can physically hurt the cell tissue.  Be careful what you speak if you want sex with your partner.

My tantric training and instruction with "Jewel in the Lotus": you will win and keep her heart with gentle approach and kind words.  Not acting like a bull dozing male porn star.  Today's porn is aggressive and over rated.  Most women do not watch porn like men.  Women love the art of seduction, the music, the smell of the room, the lighting & candles.  Women like soft,  a nice gentle body massage (lightly tap your finger tips like rain drops on the skin).  Learn to rub her feet.  Do it with tender detail and see how she responses.  Make her foot massage a ritual she will not forget.  Treat her like a Goddess and she will treat you like a God.  Show her your blessing!  Then see how she responds to your male eagerness for sex.
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Advise from a female yoga friend after class

I was telling my best female yogi friend about the beast Windows 7.  She told me that her grand kid, a 2 year old plays with the iPhone like i's nothing.  LOL.  I know, my grandson who is 5 out does his ER Doctor dad on the iPad.  The 5 year old is smarter than anyone in the family about computers.

She told me to stand up to the beast and conquer it.  Today I figured out how to use windows movie maker for Windows 7.  I edited the video and updated the photo/free video just now.  I DID IT!

Now for the HD camera and editing software.  I will eat, chew, spit it out.  I am the boss.  I will tame the HD camera and editing beast.

I might have a contract with a well know female actress for humorous sex videos.  She will contact Annie Sprinkles for her fun class for sex in San Francisco. woo Hooooo!!!!!