October 27th, 2012

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My Tantric Instructor Training 2000

For a very long time I've hide in the shadows.  I'm coming out of those shadows.  I have a vast area of knowledge about the human body and healing energy.  I've been touched by bliss many times not knowing how blessed I was. I'm so thankful I experience higher levels of energy.  You have experienced bliss.  I know you have been blissed when you watched a funny TV show.  As you know, I'm about the whole planet.  It's not about me and you but about ALL of us.  We can create a world of bliss.  Right now higher bright energies are pushing out the dark. We cannot be lied to anymore. I'm on a path for fun, happiness with tons of laughter.  I'm the the lady who likes something silly stupid sexy.  HA HA HA
Currently, I'm compiling fetish stores that have evolved around me for years.  Some of them are too funny for words.  BIG GRIN.  As for all of my loyal friends out there, you know who you are ...... I LOVE YOU!
I did my update for the site www.zoezane.com.  I'm still juggling computers but it's working.  I read my camcorder instructions for HD camera.  I'm on the move to conquer the beastof HIGH DEFINITION ---HD.
By the way, my old video looks great on my new HD computer. I'm pleased.
I'm not going to Utah for Thanksgiving since the airplane tickets are double. WTF. Xmas, with the family for sure in Utah with my two girls in Cali-Tah.