November 1st, 2012

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iChat Halloween

My stripper daughter called me to share video iMac to IMac/Apple.  On iChat saw her house in Utah decorated for spook.  I moved one of my female monsters to hall door with red light in background.  Turned on the strobe light ---eek!  I was having a great time showing how I can light up the poorest location for Halloween.  It looked great.  We were sharing Halloween with each other on video in different states.  Then my sister called me.  I phone video taped what we were doing on iMac to my sister.  How wild is that with Internet devices.  I will post pictures of my Halloween costume next to my female monster with strobe lights etc.  woo Hooo

Yesterday, I talked with my lawyer about my book writing.  I found out the law on what is not legal with my work.  I also found out information about the old boyfriend. What comes around goes around. Karma will take care of him.  I don't have to worry about him ever again.  THANK GOD! 

A big treat came over and we had fun together.  Halloween was great!