November 6th, 2012

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Off to vote

That means I will not be voting naked.  Ha Ha Ha

I think on Monday I fired myself from a job description.  I was advised it was a scam.  I know my reputation, I'm Notorious Respect - Laughing again.  Even in the underground you can gain respect for your practicing talents.  I'm well sought out.  They need to know they can come over and get their oil changed with no hassles.

On the Internet with our fucked up economy the scam crowd is out.  Beware of them if you are in the lows.  Preying on victims is not  me.  A scam artist come from lack looking for those with low self-esteem.  I will pray for them to see the truth.  ~~~~~ smiles~~~~~  Some of the victims have called me.  Pray for Victims ..........not prey on victims.  Beware of Miss Jaws everyone.

My injured pink toe is still on the mend.  Last night in yoga class I cupped my sweaty hands around my foot sending it safe messages for peace.  It worked.  It's about the energy and words we tell ourselves.  We are the power, we are powerful.  I am ageless with a warm heart.

Cougar Movie Star - Miss Zoe Zane