November 10th, 2012

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Whocares about the news of the election - America needs a job creator

My male cat Peanut told me what to say for my blog title.  Peanut told me as President he would make sure their was hope in America.  None of this "human power trip" crap.  Last night he jumped off the roof to prove there is hope in a flying cat who landed on all four feet.  Good job, Peanut.  I finally saw Peanut jump off the roof to his safe landing.  W O W !  Chubs and Buddy were still on the roof looking down at the green grass.  LOL.  Daring brother cat indeed.  I wish I had my video camera when he flew off the roof.

I found a photo on the Net of what Peanut looked like when he flew off the roof.  This is not Peanut.... but he damn sure looked like this when he jumped.