November 12th, 2012

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Over the weekend

a very special friend took me to dinner.  It was my choice where I wanted to go for dinner.  We had a lovely time talking about his quirky fetish.  It was companionship, sharing and making one another happy. 

I'm creating vacation getaways for couples.  The ancient love secrets will heal couples on many levels.  All of you know I was trained to be a tantra teacher/healer.  I'm about the energy and the mind.  Tantra clears away duality that was told to us about ourselves and sex.  It was all a lie.  Now is the time for more light, joy and happiness to come forth.  What you focus on is what you will
see in your outer world.  Change your words change your life.

My female healing associate told me about this sacred land in Ohio "step softly upon the serpent mound".

When you expereince kundalini, the energy climbs up the spine like a serpent.  The male and female energy joins together (marries) in the top of the head (crown chakra).  Our sex can be associated with the snake or serpent.

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