November 17th, 2012

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Live Cam Show viewers comment

Todayi I let it all out telling the cam viewers how I like to hear the word whore.
I was working the live cam show with 3 camera running at the same time.  LOL. HD baby.
After the show, I took zoe zane photos for Thanksgiving as the upskirt whore school teacher in wrinkled nylons.

GUEST178 [12:41]: <Private> ohhh.. love it ma'am
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:41]: <Private> my cock acges for your wet pussy
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:40]: <Private> u can ride me dry
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:40]: <Private> ill fuck u forever
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:40]: <Private> mmmmmm
GUEST178 [12:40]: <Private> is your pussy smoke cigar flavor?
GUEST178 [12:39]: <Private> cunt! cunt! cunt!
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:39]: <Private> will u suck my hard cock dirty whore
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:37]: <Private> i want t o fuck your dirty whore tits
GUEST224 [12:37]: ass dance show pls
GUEST224 [12:37]: streptrez
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:37]: <Private> mmmmm i luv your dirty whore teacher
GUEST178 [12:37]: <Private> can you teach me how to smoke that pussy cigar?
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:36]: <Private> your perfect tits
GUEST178 [12:36]: <Private> ohhhh... the pussy cigar flavor
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:35]: <Private> nipples hypnotising me
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:35]: <Private> those tits
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:34]: <Private> teacher i cant resist u naked
GUEST178 [12:34]: <Private> yes ma'am. i'm looking at it
GUEST178 [12:31]: <Private> can we get a closer look ma'am zoe
GUEST224 [12:31]: show pls
GUEST224 [12:31]: stand up ass
GUEST178 [12:31]: <Private> i'm ready ma'am zoe
GUEST178 [12:30]: <Private> i'll wear it & hide under your skirt
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:29]: <Private> brb
GUEST178 [12:29]: <Private> i'll be having one of those pretty soon
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:29]: can i spank u teacher
GUEST224 [12:29]: show pls
GUEST224 [12:28]: ass dance
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:28]: <Private> mmmmmmm
GUEST224 [12:28]: wooow
GUEST178 [12:28]: <Private> spanking sticks?
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:28]: <Private> pussywillows
GUEST178 [12:27]: <Private> sticks???
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:27]: <Private> flowers
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:27]: <Private> teacher is seducing my mind
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:26]: <Private> im so weak for u teacher
GUEST178 [12:25]: <Private> can i hide under your skirt if i've been bad?
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:25]: <Private> taste that hot pussy
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:25]: <Private> ty teacher
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:24]: <Private> i luv u teacher
GUEST178 [12:24]: <Private> your feet need some tender loving massage
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:24]: <Private> i must obeu teacher
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:23]: <Private> ohhhh godd yesss
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:23]: <Private> your student wants to please u
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:23]: <Private> how may i serve u
GUEST178 [12:23]: <Private> that's ok ma'am. i'll do it
JASON12347 [12:21]: u going to teach me on how i should beat my cock
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:21]: <Private> u r seducing my mind into your power
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:21]: <Private> my weakness
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:21]: <Private> upskirt
MY_ADDICTION65(VCW) [12:21]: <Private> hi sexy mmmmm
GUEST178 [12:20]: <Private> hello ma'am Zoe!
JASON12347 [12:20]: do i get a jerk off lesson
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