November 23rd, 2012

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Friday Update Done - smoking rants and dragon lady's sexy feet - for those who like to sneak around on the holiday I will broadcast my live cam show Saturday morning 9AM PST---  upskirt teacher in her new dress and black heels.


My 25 years experience in the adult industry:  if you have a fetish, kinky BDSM or S/M fantasy in your makeup it will never go away.  You will try to stop it and go mainstream.  It might work for awhile (like 5 minutes)  but your kink has a big claw in and through you till you die.  It will never let you go.  You're prisoner to the Kink's Claw.  Keep trying to change and make yourself feel like the rest of the world.  Your fantasy of the the mainstream world is just THAT, it's a fantasy. This I know: your crazy kink rules. 

Don't Cry