December 8th, 2012

teacher zoe zane


I put off updating the update for - it gets old the same routine over and over.  Using Windows 7 is a bit more time consuming when I update.  I decided to talk a long walk down Los Gatos last night.  It was cold, the wind was blowing.  The streets were filled with people.  The whole town was lite up with Xmas everywhere.  At the end of December, I plan to take a trip into Salt Lake CIty to see the family.  My daughters have decorated the house.  There is a picture below of the white Xmas tree. The house is bringing my last child back to me.  When she went back to Utah many years ago she missed talking with her Mom.  I called her on the phone on my walk in chilly Los Gatos.  She likes to read magical fairy tale books like Harry Potter etc.
This week I was made aware of how long I have practiced Bikram yoga.  This year is 10 years.  W O W!!!!! --- I thought it was 8 years not 10.  One of my yogi girlfriends told me the story how the owner of the studio did everything when it first opened.  That was January and I started in November of that year. 
In January I will be in Las Vegas for AVN Porn Convention.
On Sunday I will be taking Xmas photos for the upskirt school teacher by one of my students who has admired me for years. 
This morning I will be doing a wild super girl uniform with red nylons and boots in my live cam show on  --- My video is HD and on Replay.  So you can watch the video over and over again on my iFriends site.  Pretty cool stuff - some of the cam viewers told me that I am the best one, my free live cam show.
An admiring male artist sent me a pair of sexy fur boots which you will see on Southern Charms.
I miss Sexy Miss Lizz.  This morning I dropped over to her site to see what she was up to.  I love Lizz.  She is the best of the best. Merry Ho Ho Ho Days Sexy Miss Lizz.

White Xmas Tree in Utah House