December 15th, 2012

teacher zoe zane

Friday - humble Zoe Zane

The tragedy of small kindergarten children dieing made my heart so sad yesterday.  It took me all day to get through my photo and video update.   I had plans for a Xmas Party at "Studio 8"  but cancelled.  It was TOO much.  Last night I talked with my grand kids in Utah on the cell phone.  I've always had a special thing with my grand kids.  Their energy is "5Th Dimension" full of hope and creativity.  I saw a picture of a crying mother in Conn, her child was dead, I cried.  My conversation with the grand kids. I was thankful they were safe and happy.    Actually I cried on the phone when they talked to me with their happy voices.  My stripper daughter told me to keep my cats inside with all the uproar on the end of the world and religious fanatics. Last night, I was in my humble space with my 3 male cats.These cats are the best for furry loves. I will keep THEM safe inside till the 1st of the year.

I'm finishing up the update today for - Up-skirt school teacher teases her student, pulls his pants down and jerks his dick video.  She shocked him and pulled his pants off.  WOW!  The student was extra special hot with school teacher's hand job.  The teacher really knows what students need in detention. Wiggling teacher ass laughing!

Notes on the 5Th Dimension

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