December 21st, 2012

teacher zoe zane

I'm so glad the Mayhan Scare in America ....IS OVER

It's been tense with the "Conn Shooting", fiscal cliff, and end of the world drama.   I'm alive, December 21, 201 to take a few days off with my family in Utah.  Many in my family are eating crow today since the world did not END!  My cats were peaceful this morning.  Watch your animals they are in tune with the Earth.

I didn't go to yoga tonight.  I have much to get done before I leave Monday( a few days) to see my two girls and the rest of the Mormon family.The "X" was into the end of the world.  I will make fun of him when I see him on Christmas Day.  Anyone who was into the destruction of the world owes me $100 dollars for being level headed and not a panic junkie.  That's about $500 dollars the family owes me next week.

Today, I chatted with one of my advertisers about not spreading terror.  We need more peacemakers on the planet.

It was beautiful this morning in San Jose, Ca.  I saw a huge rainbow in the sky as I talked with my ER Doctor son on the phone.  He and I were happy together.  Just wait till he gets my bill for not being a panic spreader.  Laughing Out LOUD!!!

I'm doing my HD live cam show tomorrow morning on at 9AM PST as your nylon-ed up-skirt art teacher.