December 28th, 2012

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Back Home - Magic of the Peacock

On Xmas Vacation, I read the book "Killing Kennedy".  Intriguing good read.  Read about Marilyn Monroe's death?  Murder?  I read this book in one day, out of my box!  A good friend in Bikram yoga class gave me a book written by Steven King.  How to write a book, cut out clutter, be confident. On the way home from Las Vegas, I sat by a guy who was reading the same book.  WOW! 

Decorated a white ZGallery fake tree like disco.  Black lights, strobe light, peacocks and turning disco ball with eighties music called "Naked".  Had more vodka with marshmallow flavor in pink lemonade.  My dancing daughter was a bar tender.  We made a new drink called a "The Pink-Tini".  Smiling so big and laughing large.  

Three cats were ecstatic Mom was home . . . . . mow mow mow
Going to yoga tonight, chilling out today.
Will post update on Saturday.

Happy New Year 2013
The world is here.
woo Hoooo

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