January 8th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

60 straight days of Bikram Yoga - Today is Day 5

End of December, stuff was piling all over me.  I got a cold leaving Utah, now gone.  My jaw was out of alignment throwing my back to "Sciatica".  On top of this my baby toe is not completely healed.  A few days ago, I felt like a train wreck.  Yesterday, during yoga class, I felt my body shift to better.  Whew.  And on top of this, copyright and brand infringement, I'm finding out who are my enemies.  I must be making waves move near the ocean.  Miss Zoe is causing a tidal wave in the underground. I'm not afraid to speak the truth if it endangers my world.  I have works long and hard to get my life to where it is today.  Someone needs to shake up the system.
One thing I know, I have loyal friends in my Bikram yoga class. Many have assisted me with theft of my stage name/copyright/branding.  I have incredible support from a very strong group.  Bikram yoga makes you bullet proof.  Many are system admin/Google/Yahoo/HP etc., from MIT and other world-wide corporations.  Bikram gives you power to be your powerful self.  Healthy spine health mind and body.

Now for some fun with Buttercup.

What I miss from DIVA, the intense provoked “friction”, anger-arousal, waking up her boy in teasing baby talk, pinching, and pin-sticking on the bottom.  Her corporal punishment is very sexually spiced. She focused her attention with observing ladies entirely upon my bare weenie  balls, potty place, and bottom.  All were on viewing display for a lady's amusement and switching. It was about the embarrassment of the ladies who saw the little baby endowments all bare and bottom stinging red.  HOT RED

I can feel when DIVA was “in the zone.” Her unpredictable mood, then pounce on my. She attacked me in short shorts, sleeveless blouse, no panties.  I saw her full muff as she walked, seating, her legs spread apart on the patio chaise lounge. It was certain, I would not be able to sit down, welts on my bare bottom at the end of the day. Another sex mood-change rhappened if women in the home.  DIVA's discipline, she loved to make me the center of attention for the amusement of the ladies.

My older, cousin Susan and Lauren were two ladies who saw how I cried, bare bottom stung to rosy red welts.  I indulge my temper higher to anger when DIVA disclosed in front of everyone intimate secrets about me. She would say: “My Buttercup's got just the cutest, darling-est, petit-sized little set of balls on him under his precious, dear whittle weenie.  DIVA tipped THEM like a string bean at the front door.  All her lady friends laughed out loud making fun on those tiny walnuts.
Giggling, snickering, then full out right brazen LAUGHS together!