January 11th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Hear what my enemies have to say

I say ---- it that all your got baby!

STFU jelus old hag lesbian.

she is a rat called CPS on me.

you have a smelly pussy

zoe, you are way past expiration date, senile.

be careful, you are toooo old to be going to get *ailed

zoe, act your 67 year age...you delusional dried up skanky prune

why dont you go ahead and slander "J" blast the board

my money is on that you will be banned from rb forever

she has a smelly old gray haired shriveled up pussy if you accidentally see it.  Sewn shut to contain foul emitting odor is what informative sources claim. BEWARE.

zoe, one of your ex gf from sj said she believe that you are wacked out and need to be in a loony bin

let see how many enemies you made here with other working women, hmmm. K-dd, now "j", listen you old fool, you went to howard show paying everything your way, he didnt scout you, all you did was made fool out of yourself. lol

and loony=sex NO GOOD.

and you should be haya. med yourself for pissing allover public motel rooms for your own gain, you selfish old skank.

get out of here.

men have said they paid you 60.00 for bbbjwfs. yuk!!!!

no class whatsoever

I know who are my real friends. Get TO what THEY call fame, you were overcoming yourself and fear.
The courage to put yourself out there on the line.  Many have mocked you over what they think is fame.  Some turned back on you. 

When shit hits the fan go home and hug your cat.  Play your favorite music and sing a song.  Going to Bikram yoga tonight.  I am bullet proof.