January 16th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

My favorite bird this year - the peacock - Las Vegas

As you know, I'm doing another 60 straight days of Bikram Yoga. Today is day DAY 13.  When in a challenge, stuff gets stuffed in my face.  I'm called upon one of my super heroes, Trojan Tiffany to undoing the evil from my source. I did not see the evil and all of it's blackness. Where is this going, down a very interesting rabbit hole. Today called different hosting companies to delete a free website. Finally found who owns the site.  In Romania!  LOL. 

Here is another picture of the fun disco tree my daughter and I decorated at Christmas time.  See the pretty peacock on the tree?
One day trip to Las Vegas, 24 hour trip, AVN Porn Convention.  Hours counting down, I'm excited.  Mature porn star, Deauxma is up for AVN Porn Awards 2013, mature section.  You go girl.