January 17th, 2013

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Last night in yoga room - Today is Day 14

Day 13 yoga class:  I made it happen, got the corner I wanted.  As I left the room, male teacher and big long line of new students teased me for jumping to soon.  LOL.  I'm not fired for being bold.  I'm admired for being on time and taking what's mine.

Ah, Stretch we have to some how sneak you out of California next year, AVN Porn Convention 2014.  Miss Zoe Zane, your porn star teacher will keep you in her heart (between her legs) HA HA HA.

Today, drove to Best Buy.  Not able to use downloaded external hard drive.  Was firm telling customer service, I'm not leaving till I get what I came for.  I need my external hard drive baby.  I was assisted by a smart male geek.  Now, I can use my" e-h drive"  WHEW.  That is off my list of things to do.

My cell phone conversations will build trust.  People need to feel safe with "The Happy Domme".  They will feel the trust in my warm voice, knowing they will get what they need.