January 20th, 2013

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Idenitity by Association - AVN Porn Convention 2013

I was chatting with one of the camera men for Naughty America (AVN PORN CONVENTION - he was so cute, I made my moves on him) ....THEN ....He told me it's most important in this business to hang out with the right people.  Do business and support business THAT have the same values like yourself. Funny he told me this, last night after Bikram Yoga class, I pulled a angel card 'RESPECT".  Last night yoga class, Day 15.  I see why I pulled the card.  Even in the sex industry, it's impotant to hang out with the right people.  I was fortunate mature porn star Kitty Foxx hunted me down to make porn with her.  Kitty Foxx was respected then and still is today.  My feet are sore from walking the convention and flashing from hotel strip roofs.  I redid flashing photos from old down town Las Vegas Strip.

Saturday night, after yoga class, I rushed to the airport, did my Las Vegas Show, and now home.

Sunday:  A very special friend likes me with black hair this morning.  This afternoon invitation, fetish mommie boys "B", we will listen to beautiful music by Danish composer in Saratoga.  Today is Day 16, Bikram yoga challenge.