January 22nd, 2013

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Hang On Zoe

Monday was most glorious with Buttercup.  I had a great time jumping on what he needed.  We both were smiling just before noon.  Over the years, Buttercup has searched for his fetish, smiling domme, her approach, great laughter.  My first meeting with him, I kicked him out,  In his gear bag he had a knife.  Months later, he called telling me the knife was a prop.  Never bring a knife to your domme on the first meeting.  Tell her the role play, she can get the knife prop from her kitchen,  After yesterday's gleeful encounter, I was given oranges, grapefruit and lemons from Buttercup's citrus orchard.  Now I have my own orchard with Buttercup as the caretaker.  It's his gift to me for being his happy domme for over 15 years.

After our glee, I headed out to Walmart looking for 49ers gear. Walmart has Raiders.  I'm bummed.  No 49ers.  Late afternoon, I posted "woo hoo for 49ers" in sfRedbook Chatroom.  Got blasted down.  Most in chatroom like the Raiders, Steelers, etc.  OFM.  Last night at yoga class, Day 18, my sexy Russian girlfriend (loves bling like me) had on 49ers t-shirt from Target.  TARGET HAS 49ERS.  YES!!!!!  woo hoo Target - on Cable TV, I saw people buying 49ers gear on the news.  OKAY for 49ers!  I like the colors of the team, reminds me of my high school colors, it's the beautiful red.

My short, shopping vacation to Walmart, then to Gilroy outlets was a long one.  It's been ages since I shopped the outlets.  I mostly shop at Salvation Army for vintage 1950's clothing.  Really.  I thought the outlets disappeared.  Takes forever to get to the outlets for cut-offs on Reebok tennis shoes.  What does this tell you about Miss Zoe, her shopping habits.  I look for cheap.  Why not.  Although I love high end but why do that. It comes from my childhood, raising 7 kids as a Mormom mom in Utah.  I was a dirt, poor school teacher's wife, eeK!  My kids remember how poor they were. My kids wore 3 generation hand-me-downs, the clothes I sowed.  It sucks, really suck, over the top sucks ..... being poor. 

Yoga, website updates, Vegas AVN PORN CONVENTION, back home, more yoga, seeing fetish friends.  On Monday, I was freaking tired @ 1PM.  Pushed through the day.  When you have 7 kids that's what you do.  You push through and though your sleepless zombie zone.  I was zombie Zoe, I crunched out the weekend going to Vegas for 24 hours.  Hard Rock Casino has bad memories for me.  Old boyfriend put in all the casino wood floors, did not get paid.  But yesterday, one of my successful business friends told me something about the Hard Rock Casino Service.  Since the casino is off the strip, the dealers etc. go out of their way to be generous, helpful and friendly.  WOW!  It changed my focus on what happened with me and Hard Rock Casino.  Those wood floors are blessed by the casino's management.  Makes me feel way better, erased my hardship with this casino..  After 7 years of arbitration, we won half the $$$$$ owed.

This morning I feel rested.  Doing my Bikram Yoga Challenge is a hard, sweaty challenge.  I must take short naps (20 minutes) during the day, to make it to the end.