January 28th, 2013

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Yoga mental notes

Today is Day 25.  This is my 7th Bikram Yoga challenge.  I'm hanging with a group of people who seek happy healthy spines. I've earned great respect/admiration for myself in the community.  I did the work.  It's been a long road to recovery.  When I was 35, I was bed ridden, one and ahalf years, fighting not to be in a wheel chair.  When I got up, I couldn't sweep the floor 3 feet with a broom.  It was horrible, a depressing place, not to walk normal, living in fear.  Today, after ten long years of Bikram Yoga classes, my body feel core strong.  Last night in the studio, I didn't see anyone I knew.  Many newbies are going to yoga studio.

Saturday, January 26, was the studio's birthday.  The 4:30 class had 124 people in the room.  I was talking with my fun lady friends in the back.  I already had my spot up on the right, by the edge of the room.  I decided to hang with friends.  I put my mat behind the pole of mirrors, the light pole.  It cramped my practice, but I felt safe and loved.  I did it.  I even did a dance pose since the pole was in my way.  The teacher didn't care.  I felt inner strength of my dancer body once again.  I did not cry.  I smiled BIG, my happy heart.

When the spine is healthy all good things come your way.
To conserve energy, open eyes use a lot of energy, focus your eyes on the edge of the mat, this conserves energy.

Furry Loves on Monday to Everyone

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