January 30th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Today is Day 27 Bikram Yoga Challenge

Last night, Day 26, I was soooo tired.  I fantasied, lay down on my ma, the entire class.  I told myself to keep my eyes open, sit up right when instructed.  I made it through the class. whew - many of us are in the raw state as we hit the 30 day mark.

On the back-end of life, I will focus on what's working, give thanks for all given.   It's important to hang out with the right people.  It's called identity by association.  I'm heading to the light tower (bikram yoga mirror pole/light tower).  My Bikram Yoga friends are strong with me.  When you're at peace with yourself, NO one can push you around.

There was a glitch in my wild world.  All systems are stable with the help of a my wonder woman programmer.  Thank you Strong Box, Ali.
I'm cool, at peace, in big smiles thinking about Buttercup.  It was nice to hear your voice yesterday.  I love the oranges, grapefruit and lemons.  Thank you.

This year, planet Mar and I are standing up, fighting for what is mine.  It is my right.  YEAH BABY.

It's beautiful when Budd, Chubs and Peanut Jr. hug me, rub their furry cheeks in my face.  Peanut Jr. was extra lovey with me at the computer this morning.  Last night Budd threw himself into my left shoulder and kissed my face with his nose.  Chubs, at night is screaming "MEOWS" for his brush.  This cat loves to be brushed on a daily basis.  Then Peanut wants it and then Budd.  LOL.  That's a lot of fresh kitty furry in the kitty brush.
I need a nap...........................