February 2nd, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Day 29, last night after yoga class - FINALLY, today is DAY 30 - half way there

Last night, I walked slow out of yoga classroom.  My yoga teacher friend asked me why so droppy?  I'm in melt down teacher.  She made me laugh during class.  It's crash and burn, day 30, hold on Zoe.  All kinda of things are happening on the back-end of life.  It is fixed now, whew, or soon will get fixed. Thank you, I am blessed.  Keep smiles on your face girl.   I need to tell myself the Universe is taking care of me.

I'm redoing my studio.  I'm excited, a new theme, "My Enchanted Garden". Tiny details will make many laugh when they see what I've done or will do.

This morning I let the cats out for morning play time.  Chubs ran up inside the big round bush.  I had to water him out and back upstairs.  He loves the outdoors.  I watched Peanut Jr., see if he would jump off the roof.  I want to watch him fly to the ground.  Silly cat.  Buddy was a good boy and went inside when told. Yipee, for Buddy!

Live cam show, iFriends.com when well this morning.  I was a very, sexy cougar who got naked, had a hot, wet orgasm on the studio floor.

My muscles are sore from yoga.  Only 30 days to go.  You can. Zoe. DO IT!