February 8th, 2013

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Update is up today Feb 8, 2013

tI's about the potty with me right now.  Some of you love my rose bud. 

Day 35 Bikram yoga.  I made it through the class.  Got a good nights sleep.  It will be easier today, Day 36.  All my yogi friends are my people.  We are supportive and strong for one another.  The teachers have been checking on me to see IF your Zoe Girl is okay. 

Stuff is happening around me in the underground.  I'm coming to see it's not my fault or about me.  My entire life, I have taken it on myself thinking it was my fault.  They were wrong, all of them.  Those who controlled or scared me wanted me to keep my mouth shut.  They lived in fear, I would tell the truth.