February 12th, 2013

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Bikram Yoga - Today is Day 40

It has felt like 40 days in the wilderness.  Doing 60 straight days is always hard.  My core is getting stronger, the tiny pink toe of the right foot is healing.  Not there yet but almost better.  Practicing on a fractured toes sucks.  I've felt retrained on my many level.  The lesson behind the baby toe must be conquered. 

What-to- do-list:

1. Find a new red enema bag.
2. Set up pay pal account
3. Finish Amazon affiliate program
4. Do yoga
5. Edit domination site www.stardomtheatre.com
6. Deleted, erased, banish bondassage off sites, I have control over.  
7. Say hi to the"Cyber Bully" who is watching my every move.... groovy baby !  HA HA HA (baby sister told me about       cyber bullies she heard on the news - lol)