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February 14th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Red Enema Bags - Not Found in Walk-in Stores 2013 - San Jose, Ca


Nut driver

From Wiki-silly, the free encyclopedia of silliness

DIVAS nut driver is a tool for lightening up nuts. It consists of a spout attached to a handle similar in appearance TO a gun. Nut lighters generally have a hollow shaft to accelerate the fire ..... OUCHIE spank to nuts entrusted. They are typically used to move stubborn males making their tongues project way out, screaming, causing wrenched facial reactions. When DIVA racks up da nut driver watch out nuts!!!  Lighters are popular in the electric fetish fire show industry.

Variations include T-shaped handles providing the operator a better grip. DIVA enjoys watching wrenched faces of begging slaves.

SOCK IT TO ME!  Please, please Mistress DIVA Diamond.  It makes for great nut recession, very cost effective.  It does not affect the economy in anyway shape or form.  I love to see your smile and laugh.  HE HE HE Hold on baby, fasten your bottom cheeks, flex your shaft for jump, grab dem balls. DIVA spins up her grin holds the handle shaft, NOW bend over again. This allows DIVA the choice to zap one single nut or swish-swirl, fire bites to both nuts. However you look at it, the nuts hallow in & up to mini tiny, a glorious reaction.  Shaft will shrivel down to nothing more.  Laughing..... at your minature, manhood road bumps.

Fetish Diva Diamond, she's a nut roaster. Picture of burning nuts by DIVAS nut torch.  

HAPPY STICKY SWEET RED & PINK VALENTINES DAY .......Buttercup Oh thank you Buttercup for your assistance. I'm looking for walk-in store. Walmart is far away but can do. On-line takes time but has many possibilities. Amazon works. Buttercup told me about San Jose walk-in medical store http://www.bischoffsmedical.com/ IF in a "quick need" 4 out of town enema fetish players. Name:DISPOSABLE ENEMA BAG SET Manufacturer:Medline Most fetish people like to see the red enema bag. They love to hear me say the word, enema over and over again and again!!! Red enemas bags were used during the 1950's, very common thing to do. When Longs Drug Store changed over to CVS/parmacy ----NO MORE RED ENEMA BAGS in the store. Walgreen doesn't have them either. I set up my Amazon enema bag store on site yesterday. http://www.stardomtheatre.com IDEA for sex shops: they need to carry enemas bags. HA HA HA Instead of using a tiny vibrator that break all the time, I use a Costco hand held battery included toothbrush for pleasure. HA H HA again! All my fetish friends love it. It has the right curve, rounded at the hand end, slides right in. Oh yeah! I've been using them since 2007. Fetish Diva Diamond - has had enema fetish players for over 15 years.