February 18th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Wrinkled Nylon School Teacher and Her Student Story

Dear Miss Zoe Zane, you are teasing with your pink shoes covering your pretty toes! Teasing your students dangling your sexy mama heels off your nylon-ed feet. I'm drooling over your feet. You see me getting stiff in my shorts. You are disgusted, take a pair of socks out of your desk drawer and put them on. You put your heels back, now I can't see your bare feet anymore! You pick up the cane stick and swish it through the air, scaring me. It making me think you're going to swat me. You make me come up to your desk pull my shorts down. You discover I'm wearing frilly, pink sissy panties. You make me bend over the desk. My penis slides across the crotch and wants to explode. You take off one of your SWEATY heels hold it under my nose, making me inhale the inside deeply. When you know I'm about to cum, you put your shoe BACK ON. My penis goes limp in my sissy panties. You call the thick legged, female Principal to the class room by intercom. "Hi Miss Jabbs...this is Miss Zoe Zane...and I have a student here who is disobedient needing to be caned by you Ma'am. He's already bent over in position. Thank you."


I start crying...humiliated because Miss Jabbs is going to see me in my sissy panties. When she gets to the room she starts laughing and picks up your caning stick. The thick legged Principle holds the cane to my tiny balls. You tell her, "I'm going to the teacher's lounge and smoke. I'll leave you two in private". The teacher's lounge is right across the hall, I'm thinking to myself how Miss Zane will enjoy hearing me squeal like a little pig.

Miss Jabbs gave me 20 from the cane. By the the 4Th one, I was crying and squealing loudly, tears running down my face. I'm embarrassed Miss Zane can hear me cry. Miss Jabbs finally allows me to pull my shorts back up and go home. Thank you Miss Zane for teasing me so bad, Ma'am. The beginning of the photo update you said you ! were going to tease the class with your NAKED FEET, but you didn't. SUCH A TEASE!

School notes by Student72