February 28th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

what men say to me in emails

1. How do you feel about leg worship? I love the idea of being owned/controled by a nice pair of legs, a little laughter never hurts. I'm blind, will need to arrange for a ride.  (I found out he was not blind playing on my sympathy).

2.  Love your movies and watched you perform, I just had to reach out. I'm up in Berkeley on business, wondered if by any chance you might be able to make a movie together?

3.  You know you make me rock hard when you dress in slip, bra and garters....... What a turn-on.......My purple jewels are bubbling for you ...*..****!

4.  Ma'am,  I'm looking for a lady who knows how to deal with a girlie boy, uses leather strap. Yes, I wear panties. I need to be scolded, Fetish Mommy locks me in penis safe, back in my panties.  After humiliation, she can deal with me however she sees fit, as long as it ends with her spanking the little girl out of me, returning me to a good boy. Sweetie Don

5.  I love you in your pantyhose smoking that red cig. I am so hard now.

6.  hello,  I request you wear pantyhose, white leotard, black leather skirt, leather heels in gym.  Use barbells, chest, shoulders, lifting horizontal bar for biceps, lift yourself.  Show all muscles of the arms and legs (body poses building).  I hope???