March 3rd, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Bikram Yoga 60 Straight Days - Today is Day 59

Only 2 more days to go.  I'm creating a t-shirt for 60 day challenge.  Will wear tank top in class, Monday night.

Living space, last 5 days, ....eeK!!! ---- cold water ---oh NO!!!! ---  slum landlord his cheap water heater/pipes broke.  Last 2 night only cold water.  I microwaved water for a spunge bath.  Hopefully will be fixed by tonight.  OFM!

This picture shows how I felt last night in a cold shower.


Organizing porn studio - what a big job.
Paint on blue wall is almost done.
Taxes are compiled.
Looking at app business/iPhone with ER doctor son.

Cat, Peanut Jr, is bugging me to go outside again and again and again.  SCREAMING.....meow meow meow

Cat Screaming Loud
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teacher zoe zane

Klixen Cougar Takes Her Male Neighbor - Fantasy Story

My male neighbor watches me sunbath through holes in his fence. One day he accidental pushed his green hose threw the fence hole as I turned over topless. I looked through my sunglasses and gently smiled.

A few days ago, I read the newspaper about a German Klixen Model. Giving a hand job was nothing new, but doing a slow, edging hand job, holding back over and over, sounded great. I love driving men crazy when hard and attentive.

One afternoon, I needed some honey for tea. He was home in his backyard. I went over knocked on his door. When he opened the door his eyes were glued to my big chest. He said he had lots honey. I asked to see his backyard. We walked to a bunch of trees, two lounge chairs. I told him I knew he watched me through the fence. He was hard in his pants. I starred. If my husband knew he was watching me he would beat him up.

We could make an arrangement, the husband would never know. He agreed. I directed him to close his eyes, sit back, relax in the lounge chair. He sunk into his body. I turned on his radio, slow erotic music. I pulled off my bikini top, tied it around his eyes. I told him not to move his hands off the lounge chair. It was important to keep his eyes covered and hands in place.

I poured the warm sunned honey on my hands. I touched him with the ends of one finder tip. He was excited, throbbing hard. I used two fingers, then three until I held his cock in my hand. I firmly held his cock with my hand not moving. I told him to move his hips. He fucked his cock in my honey dripped palm.

To be continued.

Zoe Zane/Fetish Diva Diamond