March 9th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

I hate the day lights saving time

It's tomorrow, Sunday March 10, 2013.  Moving it up one month messes with my sleep.  I finally announced why I HATE day light savings time.  I wish the big guys would stop messing with my sleep patterns. Change it back to the old way, like Arizona, less stress on America.

In live cam, I shoved big orange balloons in my pink bra and blew up a long blue balloon.  It looked like a big huge giant monster large dick.  I shoved it up in my pussy.  It made me horny for the real thang!!!  The guys were telling me to slam it up in my hole.  Last night I went to Vegas for 24 hours.  I needed to chill out after doing 60 days of Bikram yoga.  My stripper daughter and I hit all the topless dance clubs.  We had a blast.