March 14th, 2013

teacher zoe zane

Are you feeling Mother Nature, day light saving time --- massive pollen attack

San Jose, foggy overcast morning, till sun comes out forcining trees to bloom like FREAKIN MAD.  Trees are shooting off pollen into the air.  My car was covered with pollen this morning.  eeK


I'm adding new people to the private fantasyland forum on myredbook.  Discussion is Klixen Edging.  I hope it slows down.  THANK YOU EVERYONE for trusting me.

xOxxxOOOO huggies and big ))))) smiles (((((


Lastest FantasyLand fantasy:

Miss Zoe, you know I've jacked off looking at older women porn sites at work.  You're my boss, call me on my bad behavior after work.  You know about my porn addiction.  You tell me ..... I must do what I am told -----'s blackmail.
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